Press Release: Fixoncloud featured in Tri-city Herald

Fixoncloud LLC

Fixoncloud featured in Tri-city Herald

Richland, WA, USA - Nov 15, 2014 - After developing a computer program that would allow anyone to present and solve software problems, Sidd Goyal and his team needed money to get their product on the market.

They considered venture capitalists, but they hesitated to attach a monetary value to their conceptual idea. Read the full article on Tri-city Herald here.

About Fixoncloud

Fixoncloud provides a real-time interactive platform for programmers, learners, and businesses across the world. Fixoncloud improves programmers' efficiency, connecting experts to learners and businesses, creating interactive learning experiences, and delivering inexpensive customized software solutions for businesses. The interactive solutions are possible due to its available features such as screen sharing, video calls, and messaging without downloading any additional software.

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