Press Release: Fixoncloud completely functional connecting its first US-based client

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Fixoncloud completely functional connecting its first US-based client to the programmers worldwide

Richland, WA, USA - June 9, 2014 - Fixoncloud LLC announced today that it has successfully connected its first US-based client with a programming professional in India. This seminal event is the culmination of the company’s development programs and Fixoncloud is now fully functional after continual improvements on its design, testing, and content development.

The programming package contracted by the client involved proficiency in C and C++ programming languages - which required writing and testing thousands of the lines of code. The package also required creating a cutting edge interface so that users could easily use the software package.
The client and Fixoncloud programmer are currently interacting in real-time so that the quality of the solutions can be delivered and tailored to the client’s dynamic needs while providing the client with an opportunity to familiarize himself with the intricacies of the programming strategy.

The client commented, “The programmer (through Fixoncloud) and I are able to work in a very collaborative way. We meet every weekday and she shows up and usually has some progress to the code each day. This is so much nicer than working with a programmer that goes radio silent and I have no idea where the code and the process is stopped. I almost hesitate to give her such a strong recommendation as she may go to another project. At any rate she is the best programmer I have worked with out of about 80 over the last 8 to 10 years. We can collaborate on issues and I get to be part of the process without being locked out as many programmers have done in my experience. She has programming skills and she can also work with me. Finding a programmer with good skills is one thing. Finding one that has good skills in programming and in project communication is a much harder thing to find in my experience.”

The client continued, “I believe that Fixoncloud will work towards providing professional level programming to you and your project in a professional manner. You would think this would be the norm in programming but in my experience many times it isn’t. Sidd comes across as a real straight shooter. I know that he also keeps up with the programmer regularly to make sure that all is okay on Fixoncloud LLC’s end. Bottom line, working with Fixoncloud LLC has been pleasant and productive. If you need to actually get work done then I recommend Fixoncloud LLC. ”

About Fixoncloud

Fixoncloud provides a real-time interactive platform for programmers, learners, and businesses across the world. Fixoncloud improves programmers’ efficiency, connecting experts to learners and businesses, creating interactive learning experiences, and delivering inexpensive customized software solutions for businesses. The interactive solutions are possible due to its available features such as screen sharing, video calls, and messaging without downloading any additional software.

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