How to obtain solution?

How to obtain solution of your posted problem?

You have to be logged in to obtain the solution. There are 5 simple steps for that:

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  1. Lets say that you have posted a problem 'write a quadratic function in C'.
  2. See the problems posted by you.
    Login and click on 'Posted by you' in the 'Problems' tab in the navigation bar.
  3. Approve the helper.
    Click on the problem and you will see a list of helpers in the right side of the window. Choose a helper whom you want to work on the problem. If there is no helper available, there could be many reasons for that. Either your problem is underpriced, recently posted, or your problem may be difficult to solve in the specified time.
  4. Free solution for $0 priced problems.
    If the problem you posted is for free or has $0 price, you will see the solution in the same window. You can also go to the forum and check if anyone has replied or posted to the problem.
  5. Pay for the solution.
    Once the helper is approved, pay for the solution so that helper will start working for the solution. If you don't get your solution on time, we will refund you the money. You can also decide to pay later if you have an understanding with the helper.

    Once your problem is solved, you will be notified and you will see a link to the solution as shown in the step 4.

If you have other questions, you can watch a video on this page or send us an email at [email protected].