How to obtain solution?

We choose the experts among the programmers on our website, which are decided based on the quality and frequency of the solutions provided by a programmer. To qualify as an expert, the programmer should post and solve at least 50 problems. You can always send us an email at [email protected] if you think that you are a good candidate for it.

The benefits for being a programming or software expert are as follows:

Mentor new developers or programmers.
Get special recognition on our website and social media.
Personalized interaction with other experts and successful entrepreneurs.
Become a part of big projects.
Get paid for your contribution.

  How can you get paid by solving projects?

  • 1. Search and pick a project based on your interests.
  • 2. Create a group and send a request to the user for approval to solve the selected project.
  •   3. Upload a solution and get paid.   

Short explanatory video:

If you have other questions, refer to the frequently asked questions page.