Frequently Asked Questions: Fixoncloud


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What are the different programming languages supported by the Compiler?

The Compiler supports C, C++, C#, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python2, Python3, Visual Basic, Java and MySQL.

How do I provide Input for the code?

You can provide Input for the code in the Text Box present inside the "More Options" tag. If you need to provide more than one input for the code, press ENTER key after each input.

What is the purpose of "Continuous Code Run" checkbox?

Continuous Code Run enables you to run the code automatically after every few seconds. Users can set the Maximum Time Limit (in seconds) for their code execution. Automatic Code Run feature ensures that the code runs repeatedly after a gap of [two seconds + maximum time limit (in seconds) set by the user].

Users can continue to make changes to the code and can also view the output simultaneously instead of clicking the "Compile and Run" button every time.

What purpose does the "Suggestion Box" serve?

If you want to provide suggestion/feedback about the code to the owner or if you believe that the code can be better modified in a particular way, you can enter your opinion in the suggestion box and submit the same.

How does the lock/unlock functionality operate?

Only owner will have the permission to lock/unlock the code. If the code is locked by the owner, only owner will have the permission to modify the code. However, if the code is in unlocked state, permitted users can also modify the code and the change made by permitted users will be visible to the owner of the code.

How can I permit the users to view and modify my code?

You can enter the e-mail id or the user id of the person in the text box and click the Permit button. An e-mail notification will be sent to the person regarding the same. You can also view the list of permitted users by clicking on the icon that apears on the right side of the Permit button.

How can I make changes to the code if it is Locked by the owner?

You can send request to the owner to unlock the code. Once the code is unlocked, you can make changes.

What is the purpose of "Private/Public" buttons?

These buttons put restriction on the visibility of the code. If the code is set to Public visibility Mode, all the users (permitted or non-permitted) can view the code. However, if the code is set to Private mode, only owner and the permitted users can view the code.

I'm a permitted user; Can I change the visibility mode of the code?

No. Only owner can change the visibility mode of the code.

How do I share the code with my team members?

After you compile the code for the first time, a link with unique id is generated. You can share this link with your team members.

I am not a permitted user; Can I still modify the owner's code?

If the code is in unlocked state, you can modify and compile the code. However, your changes will not be visible to the owner. In other words, your changes wil be lost after you refresh or close the browser.

How can I see the changes that have been made to my code by the permitted users?

You can check the history of the code by clicking the View History button. This will show you all the previously modified versions of the code.

Do I need to upload the files every time before compiling the code?

No. Your files and folders automatically get saved. You can access the link that got generated after you first compiled the code. This will contain all your saved data as you left it in your previous session.

Who can see the History of my code?

Only owner and permitted users can view the History of the code.

Who can enter the title for my code?

Either owner or any permitted user can enter the title for the code. However title once entered, cannot be modified.

What additional features are available in the new version of the compiler?

You can rename your files and folders using the right-click menu option. You can also change the location of files and directories using drag and drop feature.

Can I embed the code/compiler in some other website?

Yes, you can generate the code to be embedded using the "Embed Code" button. It will generate the code for embedding the last compiled file.