Press Release: Fixoncloud launching the first collaborative online compiler

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Fixoncloud launched the first collaborative web-based compiler with built-in security and automated code-run features for both files and folders

Richland, WA, USA – Nov 8, 2014 – Fixoncloud LLC has recently launched an online compiler that is integrated with a secure and user-friendly features. The compiler currently supports C, C++, and Java and presents to the user easily manageable and efficient directory structure to compile/run their files and folders. Using the diversified range of options available on the compiler, users can set permissions to their code to restrict the accessibility and visibility of the code.

The compilation of the code is done on our cloud in a secure fashion. The compiler comes with a feature that allows only the permitted users to make changes to the code. The compilation system also provides flexibility for the user who wants to keep the code completely private. This allows the user to circulate and share the code among the team members for better synchronization and systematic organization of the files and directories.

The compiler also boasts an automated code run feature that enables the users to run their code continuously every few seconds. The primary purpose of this feature is to improve a programmer's efficiency while coding. The programmers can keep on coding and automatically observing the output of the code in real-time. Another essential feature incorporated in the compiler is to track and download the previous versions of the code. This way the programmer can easily revert the code in case of mishaps and errors.

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