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I have a for loop which is executed 10 times. I want to save the data in a separate .mat file for each time. For example: in the 1st loop, i want to save it as Results1.mat in the 2nd loop, i want to save it as Results2.mat .... in the 10th loop, i want to save it as Results10.mat
I want to write a loop in which the number of iteration or loops is stored in a variable. For example, if the loop is executed 5 times, my variable should have the entries as [ 1,2,3,4,5]
How to write a loop in matlab which is executed 10 times what is the difference between for and while loop?
pls give me a very short example program using the go to loop. thanksrn 
pls give me a very short example of do while loop in c++rn 
Explain the differences between for and while loop in Java.
How to write a while loop?
What is a for loop? How to implement them?
How to write a do while loop?
Functionalities of c++ Usage of loops:The functionality of loop is simply to repeat statement while the condition set in expression is true. Title: How to write a while loop? Description:Loops have a purpose to repeat a statement a certain number of times or while a condition is fulfilled. Syntax of while is: While(condition) { Statement; } For a loop the three main expressions are: initialization, condition and increment/decrement operation. In while lop, initialization is done outside the loop and the increment/decrement operation is done inside the loop. The while loop is repeated till the condition becomes false. Example: //tofindsum of n numbers Void main() { Int n,sum=0; Cout>n; While(n>0) { Sum=sum+1; n--; } Cout·       Type is the data type of specifier of the data returned by the function. ·       Name is identifier. ·       Parameters are nothing but local variables within that function. ·       Statements is the block of statements called functions body which is surrounded by {} braces. Example: #include Int addition(int a,int b) { Int r; r=a+b; return(r); } Void main() { int z; z=addition(2,3); coutType is valid data type like int,char,string.. ·       Name is an identifier ·       Elements field is enclosed with square brackets [],specifies how many elements are present in the Array Example: #include Int a[]={2,3,4} Int n,result=0; Int main() { For(n=0;n       Type is the data type ofpointer ·       Variable name is the name of variable of the pointer. Example: #include Void main() Int a=5,b=6; Int *p; P=&a; *p=5; P=&b; *p=6; Cout

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