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Introduction to MetaTrader Basic concepts of MetaTrader Predefined variables in MetaTrader Cycles in MetaTrader Conditions in MetaTrader Arrays in MetaTrader Properties in MetaTrader Switch operator in MetaTrader While loop in MetaTrader Parametrized functions in MetaTrader Learn more about MetaTrader
I have heard that a new file and folder structure is available for MetaTrader. But I am bit confused about where does all the files and folders go. Please explain
There are some important properties of MetaTrader like: 1. Print function 2. MessageBox 3. MarketInfo 4. Period() 5. Symbol
Please give an introduction to MetaTrader.
Predefined variables in MetaTrader are: 1. Ask 2. Bid 3. Bars 4. Point 5. Digits Predefined arrays are: 1. High 2. Low 3. Time 4. Open 5. Close 6. Volume
Please give an example of implementation of a code in MetaTrader
WHILE LOOP The most powerful functionality of MQL4 is the possibility to organize cycles (loops). When creating application programs, you may often use the repeated calculations, which are mostly the repeated program lines. In order to make the programming comfortable and the program itself user-friendly, we use cycle operators. The full-format cycle operator 'while' consists of the header containing a condition, and the executable cycle body enclosed in braces. while ( Condition )// Header of the cycle operator {// Opening brace Block of operators// The body of a cycle operator may consist.. that compose the cycle body//.. of several operators }// Closing brace    
How can I solve a linear programming problem (LP) in Matlab? Linear programming (LP) has linear objective function and linear constraints. eg. minimize: x+y subject to: x>1 y-x>5 y+x>3 Thanks.
 There are three types of applications created in MQL4 and intended for working in the client terminal: 1. Custom Indicator 2. Expert Advisor 3. Script DataTypes, Functions and Operations are an important part of any code.
For loops can be used to repeat a certain task for a specified number of times until some condition is true. Syntax of  for loop is:  for(declaration of a counter; the cycle operation conditions;    counter changes)   {     // the source code, that will be repeated is in braces,   }  
What is the meaning of  "printf("%c", c|mask);" in C programming? Can anyone please explain in detail
I would like to code a microcontroller that detects a thumb print for an owner of a motorcycle then accepts the flow of fuel and rejects the flow of fuel incase the thumb print does not match the relevant thumb print assigned to it. How can I code dat using a C programming Language.
Javascript is known as one of the programming langugaes which possess object oriented capabilites. Please explain.
HOW TO PLACE ORDERS IN MARKET 1.      Symbol() – tells the currency in which we are trading presently 2.      Lots – volume of the trade that we are going to trade 3.      StopLoss – value chosen by the user. If trade goes against our prediction, then we can set a value at which we want to stop loss and delete the trade. 4.      TakeProfit – value at which we want to start gaining profits. 5.      Magic number Types of order: 1.      Buy 2.      Sell 3.      Buy stop 4.      Sell stop 5.      Buy limit 6.      Sell limit Functions used 1.      OrderSend() – Place the orders 2.      OrderClose() – closes a market order 3.      OrderDelete() – deletes a pending order 4.      OrderModify() – to modify market and pending orders  
Explain the object-oriented programming concepts in C++.

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