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How to open and close a file? What are the different file mode parameters available?
Explain the functions used to write to files in C. Also mention how to perform file copy in C.
ADDING AUDIO Adding sound to your application can make the application more interesting. With android it is very easy to add sounds/audios.If we have to add an audio or a video, we are generally going to put them under res folderby adding a new folder namely raw to res. Step 1: Create a folder called raw under res. Step 2: Add your audio file to this folder – raw, by dragging and dropping (Let’s say name of this audio file is ‘beep’ – just consider as an example) Step 3: Design XML file according to your requirements. (Let’s consider a basic example where xml file contains one button and on clicking it should create the respective audio) Step 4: Java file: following must be the parts of the java file 1.    onCreate Activity 2.    reference to the buttons created in the XML file 3.    set up the onClickListener 4.    Use “MediaPlayer” class. We can look at the screenshot for an example. 5.    One can refer to for more and detailed functions of this MediaPlayer class.    
Mention some of the text and binary file function used for I/O operations.
Mention some of the important file system functions in C.
Mention how to detect end of file in C++.
Mention briefly how to open, close and read a file in C.

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