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create a sample program to show the use of 2-D Arrays in java.
Mention about byte and character stream classes in Java.
Give differences between C and C++, Also differentiate between C++ and Java.
Briefly mention about return statement in Java. And also mention how do we pass parameters to functions in Java.
What is a method/function? What are the types of functions in Java?
Explain Character and Byte streams in Java.
How do we declare objects in Java? Also briefly mention about Nested classes.
HI Java Professionals, I cannot insert a value into my Date variable, please guide me, thanks in advance. rnrnrnimport java.text.SimpleDateFormat; rnimport java.util.*; rnimport java.util.Date; rnpublic class Contract rn{ rnprivate double duration; rnprivate Date startDate; rnpublic Contract(Date d,double dur) rn{ rnthis.startDate=d; rnthis.duration=dur; rn} rnrnpublic Date getStartDate() rn{ rnreturn startDate; rn} rn} rnrnpublic class App rn{ rnpublic static void main(String [] args) rn{ rnContract c1 = new Contract(010320,3.0); rn} rn}rnrn
Explain System class in Java and how can we write output to console?
Mention about the scope and visibility of variables in Java programs.
Explain the significance of having interfaces in Java.

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