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Place orders in market in MetaTrader


1.      Symbol() – tells the currency in which we are trading presently

2.      Lots – volume of the trade that we are going to trade

3.      StopLoss – value chosen by the user. If trade goes against our prediction, then we can set a value at which we want to stop loss and delete the trade.

4.      TakeProfit – value at which we want to start gaining profits.

5.      Magic number

Types of order:

1.      Buy

2.      Sell

3.      Buy stop

4.      Sell stop

5.      Buy limit

6.      Sell limit

Functions used

1.      OrderSend() – Place the orders

2.      OrderClose() – closes a market order

3.      OrderDelete() – deletes a pending order

4.      OrderModify() – to modify market and pending orders



Example of placing the orders in market: 

//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
//--- get minimum stop level
   double minstoplevel=MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_STOPLEVEL);
   Print("Minimum Stop Level=",minstoplevel," points");
   double price=Ask;
//--- calculated SL and TP prices must be normalized
   double stoploss=NormalizeDouble(Bid-minstoplevel*Point,Digits);
   double takeprofit=NormalizeDouble(Bid+minstoplevel*Point,Digits);
//--- place market order to buy 1 lot
   int ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,1,price,3,stoploss,takeprofit,"My order",16384,0,clrGreen);
      Print("OrderSend failed with error #",GetLastError());
      Print("OrderSend placed successfully");
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