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30 Jul, 2014 9:29 pm PDT

Properties in MetaTrader

There are some important properties of MetaTrader like:

1. Print function

2. MessageBox

3. MarketInfo

4. Period()

5. Symbol


Print: It enters a message in the Expert Advisor log. Parameters can be of any type.

void  Print(
   argument,     // first value
   ...           // next values

DoubletoString : Converting numeric value into text string.

string  DoubleToString(
   double  value,      // number
   int     digits=8    // number of digits after decimal point

DoubletoStr: Returns text string with the specified numerical value converted into a specified precision format.

string  DoubleToStr(
   int  value,     // value
   int  digits     // precision

MessageBox: It creates and shows a message box and manages it. A message box contains a message and header, any combination of predefined signs and command buttons.

int  MessageBox(
   string  text,             // message text
   string  caption=NULL,     // box header
   int     flags=0           // defines set of buttons in the box
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