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How to learn MATLAB quickly using cartoons and video tutorials?

1. How to write a matrix in MATLAB?

2. Matrices multiplication

3. Matrices addition

4. Create a tri-diagonal 5 x 5 matrix

5. Creating matrix with all similar entries


1. Difference between C and MATLAB


1. Using if else, elseif, and switch case in MATLAB


1. Using 'for' loop to evaluate a function

2. Write a 'for' loop and a 'while' loop with 'break' in MATLAB

3. Indexing array in MATLAB using 'for' or 'while' loop


1. Matrices and arrays basics

2. Finding minimum and maximum value in a matrix

3. Finding minimum and maximum value in an array      

4. Concatenate two matrices and or two arrays into one

5. How to define variables, arrays, matrices, strings in MATLAB?


1. Use of 'functions' in MATLAB

2. Using 'fmincon function' to solve linear set of equations

3. Taylor approximation of a function

4. Using fzero and false-position to find root of a function

5. Using bisection method to find a root where function is maximum or minimum


1. 3rd/4th order Adams-Bashforth method to solve an ODE

2. 4th order Runge Kutta method to solve an ODE

3. Solving ODE using Euler forward and backward method

4. Calculate complex roots of a function using newton method

5. Gauss-Seidel, Jacobi, and Successive over relaxation method to solve linear equations


1. Lagrangian Polynomial Fitting

2. Least square polynomial fitting

3. Newton divided difference for polynomial fitting

4. Simple polynomial fitting

5. Obtaining roots of a polynomial equation


1. Converting MATLAB code to C/C++                                               6.LU factorization to find inverse of a matrix

2. Relative Humidity to Humidity ratio conversion in MATLAB           7. To implement fixed point iteration

3. Linear programming problem (LP) in MATLAB                              8. Solving Linear set of equations

4. Generating random number and integers                                      9. Finding trace, determinant, and inverse of a matrix

5. To find Multi-variable root using Newton-Raphson method            10. Use of dot operator in MATLAB


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