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17 May, 2014 11:29 am PDT

How to learn PHP using cartoons and video tutorials?

Click on the following images:

Write basic PHP code: Write basic PHP code to display message

Learn how to run a basic PHP code: How to write, run, and compile a basic code in PHP?

1. Writing 'if' statement block in php

2. Writing 'if---else' statement block in PHP

3. Writing 'if----elseif' statement block in Php

4. Using '' statements in Php

5. Using break and continue statements in PHP

1. Writing 'for' loop in php

2. Writing ‘foreach’ loop in PHP

3. Writing 'while' loop in PHP

4. Using 'do-while' loop in PHP

1. Declare variables in Php

2. Writing user defined functions in PHP

3. Using 'date' function in PHP

4. Using explode() and implode() functions in php

1. Create array in Php

2. Different PHP Superglobal arrays and their uses

1. String Handling in PHP

2. Ways to handle String in PHP

1. Include external file content into current file using Php

2. Upload file in PHP application

3. Opening and closing file in PHP

4. Reading file in PHP

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