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The very first thing you should be doing right now is to set up an environment where you could execute and learn the C language. The computer as we know is a little poor in understanding our language. It is way too high in standard. So all we got to do is to introduce a translator which can translate our language into the terms of Computer and then translate back its language into a human understandable form. The C Program (collection of Instructions) which we write is a High level language. The language spoken by a computer is Binary Language (1’s & 0’s).


So we got to convert our written program into machine understandable language. The file in which we write and save as is called the SOURCE FILE. The source file is in a High Level Language. The Source file is converted into a machine understandable file by a program called COMPILER. This Machine understandable file is called the Object file. TURBO C is a software that allows us to run C programs.

We got to download the software and install it.

* make sure that the software is in the same folder where you save the source files.


Source File: High level language, Human Understandable.

Object File: Low level language, Machine Understandable.

Compiler:  Source File --> Object File.


A small note : To help us perform operation , the C language has come with pre defined functions , which we need to borrow before starting any program . The pre defined functions are stored in HEADER FILES. so we got to import the specific function we need from those header files. All we can do is , import all the functions in those header files .



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