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How to write user defined function in PHP

 How to write user defined function?

Function is block of code which can be called whenever we need to carry out certain task from that function. Function can be called many times. Function starts execution when we called it.



function functionName(argument list)


            //write your function code here




echo "<h2 >";

         echo " To CALCULATE SUM OF THE DIGIT OF NUMBER <br ><br >";

$no = rand (100 ,99999) ;

echo " The DIGIT is";


dispalyNumber ( $no); // calling function

$sum = calDigitSum ( $no ); // calling function


         echo "Sum of DIGIT is ";


dispalyNumber ( $sum ); // calling function 

      function dispalyNumber ( $no) // function with argument but no return value


echo " { $no } <br ><br >"; // statements 


                    function calDigitSum ( $num ) // function with argument and return value


$sum =0; // statements

$rem =0;


$sum = $sum + ( $num % 10) ;

$num = $num / 10;

} while ( $num !=0) ; // condition

return $sum ; // return value


?>                                                        Function.php


Argument list is optional, it is also called parameter list. We can pass information to function through function call.

Note:- Function name cannot start with number or underscors 



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How to write function in PHP


Function are the piece of code that can be used repeatedly in program.It can take input in the form of parameter and can be called anywhere in your program.



Function function_name




//To show how to use function in php.


<!DOCTYPE html>




function pet($name)


echo "Name of pet is:";

echo "$name.<br>";








/*Output of the above program is:

Name of pet is:Tommy

Name of pet is:puppy

Name of pet is:tiger

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