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How to create array in php?

How to create array in php?

Array is collection of information represented by single variable name. If you want to store data , that is belongs to same domain or category in such situation you can store multiple elements of information using single variable name.



This general syntax of creating array; There three types of array

a)      Indexed array:-

These arrays are with number index, like 0,1,2,3,…Index can be assigned manually or automatically.


$arrayName=array(value1, value2,value3,…);


b)      Associative array

arrays are with user defined named index, like “first”, “second”,”fname”, “lname”…


$arrayName=array(“indexName1”=> value1, “indexName2” => value2, “indexName3”=> value3,…);


c)       Multidimensional array

Contains one or more array in the one dimensional array.



$arrayName=array(array(value1,value2…), array(value1,value2…),….);


Write your code here


echo "<h2>";

echo "To demonstrate Indexed ,Associative , Multidimensional array <br><br>";

$indexedArray = array(100,200,300,400,500)// indexed Array


$assoctArray = array(100=>"Clitus", 200=>"Oliver", 300=>"Manish" ,400=>"Joyce",500=>"Ancy"); // //Associative Array

$multidiaArray = array("Clitus"=>array(40,60,70),"Oliver"=>array(40,80,90),"Manish"=>array(50,90,70),"Joyce"=>array(50,70,60),"Ancy"=>array(90,80,60)); // Multidimensional Array


echo "<pre>";


foreach($indexedArray as $rollno)




$marks = $multidiaArray[$name];


echo "Roll No: {$rollno} <br>";

echo "Name : {$name} <br>";

echo "Marks Obtained in three subject <br>" ;


$total = 0;

foreach($marks as $tempMark)


echo " {$tempMark} <br>";

$total =$total + $tempMark;


echo "Total is {$total}<br><br>";





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How to use array in PHP?

As we studied array in various languages like C++,Java similarly in PHP  is used to store multiple values in single variable. It can store integer,string etc and their index will also be represented in integer value. 

//To store engineering branches name in array and display them on screen 

<!DOCTYPE html>




$branch = array("CSE","CIVIL","CHEMICAL","MECHANICAL");

echo "Engineering Branches : " . $branch[0] . ", " . $branch[1] . "," . $branch[2]." and " . $branch[3] . ".";




/*Output of the above program is:

Engineering Branches : CSE, CIVIL,CHEMICAL and MECHANICAL.


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