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3)pros and cons over C++?

C++ is a source of the C programming language. C code still works in C++ programs. It is an
object-oriented language and very powerful.
C++ is a programming language evolved from one of the most powerful programming
languages of all time, the C language. the basic concept of this unique language is the
incorporation of powerful programming features of C language with versatile techniques of
object oriented programming and graphical user interface (GUI) designing. Because of its
power and versatility.C++ user interface in order to make it easier for beginners as well as to
reduce the time.

the pros of C++:-
. It's used far and wide.
· It includes Object oriented
· Programs are stand alone, no need for
· Easy to port to other platforms if standard C++ guidelines are sticked to.
· Many libraries available for added functionality.

->There are two reasons for programmers to select C++ instead of its earlier versions or any
   other programming language and object oriented programming techniques and the versatile
   class libraries.
->Another reason for its popularity is the ability to suite most of the platforms through
   appropriate compilers.his has enhanced the portability of C++.
->One of the newer additions to C++ is the template feature, which enhances the efficiency of
   a programmer by saving time and effort spent on developing generic codes.
->new templates can be developed by extending and such templates would be reusable at a
   different instance.

The cons of C++:-
. Quite difficult to learn.
· Non-significant programs aren't easily ported if they use platform-specific libraries (EX.
DirectX ). Programs can be slightly larger and slower.

->First the language is bulky. It contains many components and large instruction sets, which
   makes it difficult to learn or master within a decent period of time. and although there are
   compilers to suite many platforms for C++ codes to be portable, the class libraries of C++      are not so.
->In C++ templates it is not possible to link between templates or to distribute templates as a
   class library due to its creation at compile time.
->At the same time some compilers may not recognize such templates although newer
   versions had rectified so the outcome of templatebased programming may not be uniform
   when implemented through different C++ standards which is one of the downsides of this
->C++ is the language of choice for Windows GUI programming and efforts to learn its wide
   array of techniques and features will not go into waste when the programmers require            power and versatility in their programming.

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