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10 Feb, 2014 9:28 am PST

4)pros and cons over C?

C is part of UNIX originally now almost a universal language. It is a very general purpose language and typically used for systems programming. ANSI C is a widely supported standard.
C has a large following. Many people around the world use it. A few other programming languages are also written in C.

The pros of C:-
. C is flexible and widely known it is a small and clean language. C compilers are generally       well tuned and sometimes exceptionally good.
. Large tradition base. Easy to find help libraries.
· Simple core language, with further functionality being added through the use of libraries.
· Very powerful.
· Low level unchecked access to computer memory using of pointers.
· fastest running languages.
· C code can be used in C++ applications.
· Programs are compiled and stand alone no need for interpreters.

The cons of C:-
. No easy string handling sloppy programmers write horrendous C code.
· difficult to learn.
· Very little safety net.
· Non trivial programs could be hard to port.
. Programs have to be compiled for each specific platform.
· Not sternly object oriented.
· Code can get chaotic easily.


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