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Why do people still use C ?


Why People use C??

·          C is friendlier for making external libraries


·          C requires less runtime support. Makes it more suitable for low-level environments such as embedded systems or OS components.


·          C programs compile faster than the programs written in C++, because parsing C is much easier than parsing C++.


·          We can use C to interface with other languages easily. A lot of languages will let you call C functions directly.


·          Variable sized arrays on stack are supported by C.


·          Static initialize is safe in C.


·          C gives you better control over what happens when your code is executed.


We can see the result of a survey conducted to determine the mostly used Language.

comparision of languages

·          C is the base for almost all popular programming languages. 


·          C language is most preferred, for game programming, over C++ because C doesn’t have extra burden of Object oriented features.


Why is Java Used?


·          Java is designed to work in the distributed environment on the Internet.


·          Java has a GUI features that provides you better experience over the C++ language, moreover it is easier to use than C++ and works on the concept of object-oriented programming model.


·          Java is used to develop executable, distributed applications for delivery to a Java-enabled Web browser or the Java Interpreter.


·          We can create the following :


Applets: Programs that are called through an HTML page and run on a Java-enabled browser.


Applications:  Java programs executed independently of a browser. The execution is done using the Java interpreter.


·          Web Interactivity is designed using Java.


·          It is an Object-Oriented Language, much like C++, but it has the advantage of allocating memory in a particular way that makes it run more quickly.

Capabilities of C

·          C is often used for "system programming


·          C can also be used for website programming using CGI as a "gateway" for information between the Web application, the server, and the browser.


·          Embedded Devices can be programmed using C.


·          Real Time Operating Systems also use C Programming Language.


·          C language is used to write some hardware drivers.


·          We can directly write to the memory.


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