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2 Jul, 2013 6:14 am PDT

Implementation of while loop in C++

How to write a while loop?

 Loops are generally used to repeat a block iteratively for a fixed number of times.

Syntax of while is:

        while (condition)





For a loop the three main expression are: initialization, condition and increment/decrement operation.

In while loop, initialization is done outside the loop and the increment/decrement operation is done inside the loop. Let us understand more clearly from the below example:

// To find the sum of ‘n’ numbers


void main()


int n,sum=0;

cout<<”\n Enter n:”;


int i=0;       // Initialization

while(i<n)   // Condition


sum=sum + i;   // Statement

i++;               //Increment operation




The while loop is repeated till the condition becomes False.


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