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Pascal Triangle in C

How can you print Pascal Triangle?

The Pascal Triangle is as follows :






This is for 5 lines. The number of lines to be printed is decided by the user. We use the function factorial to display the triangle. The code for factorial is as follows.


#include <stdio.h>
long factorial(int);
int main()
   int i, n, c;
   printf("Enter the number of rows you wish to see in pascal triangle\n");
   for ( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ )
      for ( c = 0 ; c <= ( n - i - 2 ) ; c++ )
         printf(" ");
      for( c = 0 ; c <= i ; c++ )
         printf("%ld ",factorial(i)/(factorial(c)*factorial(i-c)));
long factorial(int n)
   int c;
   long result = 1;
   for( c = 1 ; c <= n ; c++ )
         result = result*c;
   return ( result );


Please see the video for more details


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Instead of going with the loops , we can also go with arrays . We can consider a big array and we can break the entire array into smaller parts in terms of [i][j] . 

Now to completely understand the working of the code , we need to understand the pascal triangle , which is easily explained in the above video. 

Have a look at the below attached file to see the program of pascal triangle in terms of array.


Please have a pen and paper nearby to understand this program. 

draw a big 10*10 matrix and then go according to the program.

Attachment: pascal.docx

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