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strings in C and C++

what are strings and how do we use them in c programming?

String is an array of characters stored in some place in the memory and are treated as values for variables. Please watch the video for details....
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Strings are a collection of characters.

Strings are placed between "quotes".

By default , a null character is stored at the end of every string that tells that compiler that it is the end of string.

Strings are declared in C in similar manner as arrays. Only difference is that, strings are of char datatype.In C, string can be initialized in different number of ways.

char s[]="abcd";


char s[5]="abcd";

Most used functions in Strings are :

strlen() Calculates the length of string
strcpy() Copies a string to another string
strcat() Concatenates(joins) two strings
strcmp() Compares two string
strlwr() Converts string to lowercase
strupr() Converts string to uppercase


Please have a look at the following code to understand better.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main(){
    char a[20]="Program";
    printf("Length of string a=%d \n",strlen(a));
    return 0;


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