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Loops in C and C++

What are the loops used in c programming? give examples

A loop statement allows us to execute a statement or group of statements multiple times and there are three loops

  1. While
  2. Do while
  3. For


Please watch the video for details....

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The following are the conditional loops for C and C++.


For Loop

First comes the "for (;;;)" loop.

// code/s to be executed; 

The first part is to initialise the variable.

After initializing the variable , the control of program goes to the second part- Condition. If the value of variable is satisfying the condition then the control enters the loop.

After executing the statements inside the loop , the control is then transferred to the third part , Increment/Decrement.

Then again this loop continues till the Condition is satisfied.


While Loop

The next type of loop is the " While " loop.

Syntax is:

while (condition)
// statements to be executed. 


This means that , as long as the condition is satisfied , the loop is executed.



Do-While Loop

The next loop is "do..While" loop.

The syntax is :

// some code/s;
while (Condition);


This means that , first the code is executed and then the condition is checked . If the condition is not satisfied , the control exits the loop,but the loop is executed at least once.


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