Bring out the Mark Zuckerberg in you!

 2015-03-06                -Vandana Rao

We all know Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook co-founder; the man who revolutionized social-networking. But do you know how he started his journey to becoming world's second youngest billionaire? Here are some interesting facts about the man who aspires to bring every individual on internet.

He was a computer geek who commenced programming while he was in middle school. At the beginning of the sophomore year, Mark developed Course Match, the program that enabled students/users to decide what college courses they wanted to opt for based on what other students at their school were choosing. He also coded Facemash, a program that was created with the sole purpose of finding out who was the most attractive person on campus. He enjoyed developing computer programs, especially communication tools and games. Seems interesting, doesn't it?

Do you love programming and want to be as crazy as him? Do you want to build your own Zucknet? All you need is to follow your passion and look for a great platform to learn.

I being a Mark Zuckerberg fan and follower would feel overwhelmed to have this kind of opportunity to hone my skills. Grab this opportunity to get creative and give wings to your dreams. You could be the next Zuckerberg!
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