History of Computer Geeks

 2015-02-24                -Vandana Rao

Did you know that the very first computer did not use electricity?
Did you know that the first computer programmer was a woman?

The invention of the Computer has been one of the most remarkable innovations in the last few decades. Computers have had a huge impact on human life for both good and bad. Let's read some interesting facts about the geeks who revolutionized computers.

Ada Lovelace, an American Mathematician, created the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine in the year 1842 that marks her as world's first computer programmer. Herman Hollerith, an American statistician and inventor, conceptualized the idea of Electric Tabulating System (in the year 1889), a machine that could read data. He was the founder of the Tabulating Machine Company that later merged to become IBM.

We often use the word "bug" while coding, which is used to refer to small glitches in the code. In 1947, Grace Murray Hopper, an admiral in US Navy and a computer programmer pioneer, discovered a moth that got trapped in the relay calculator while working on a computer. She and her team removed the moth and "debugged" the computer. Even though the word was initially coined by Edison, it was her who primarily bought the term to popularity. Incredible, isn't it?

In 1983, Fred Cohen, an American Scientist and inventor of computer virus, designed a program that could infect a computer, make copies of itself and infect other computers through a floppy disk. This was benign, meant only to prove that it was possible.

These are some of the outstanding computer geeks who remolded technology and their contribution have played a major role in the development of computer systems.

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