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 2015-01-05                -Vandana Rao

Do you dream about being placed in a Multinational Company? The obvious answer is 'yes', if you are a passionate programmer who aims to work for a software giant such as Google, Apple or Microsoft. You commence preparing a "door-opener" resume, create an impressive cover-letter and practice every interview question that you can anticipate.

In spite of having a very high IQ and toiling day and night, do you still feel low on confidence while appearing for an interview? Are you a dexterous programmer but lack appropriate guidance to seek jobs? Do you lack the confidence to face the interviewers even though you are extremely proficient in academics? Are you inquisitive to learn about the diverse questions that are asked in interviews? Do you want to prove your talent but do not know where to start off? Most importantly, do you feel that you are completely unaware of the type of questions that would be put forth to you by the interviewers?

If your thoughts and feelings are similar to these, here's one feasible solution to your grievances. Fixoncloud offers substantial interview questions catechized by multiple companies during interviews. Innovative methods/approaches have been adopted to solve the questions while keeping the explanation simple and understandable. Fixoncloud has made an attempt to incorporate various types of questions that range from assessing interviewee's analytical ability to testing his technical knowledge in his respective domain. If you are a University student or a recent graduate vying for a position in software development, you may want to take a shot at the following link:

The set of interview questions have been divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels so as to indicate to the aspirants their level of preparedness.
It is now possible to convert your long nurtured dream into reality. Peruse through all the interview questions and the day is not far when you'll walk home with a lucrative package.

In conclusion, your self-confidence is critical to your success during the interviews. It is quite obvious that the more you practice, the more you build the confidence to face the interviewers.

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