Can You Code?...Of Course, I Can!

 2014-12-27                -Vandana Rao

"Do you want to game?"

"Of course, I'd love to!"

This is exactly how most of us respond. But have we ever tried thinking out of the box? Most of us are addicted to playing games on computer but have we ever tried to code one? Few of us might have given it a thought, but most of us end up thinking that it's a pie in the sky.

What is the fundamental requirement to code a game? Programming. A game is nothing but a computer program that interacts with users via visually appealing and a dynamic interface. The next obvious question that comes to one's mind is how can one teach himself to code? This blog post will assist you in selecting the Best Platform to learn to code and enhance your programming Skills.

You are not required to ransack the books or comprehend indecipherable journals to commence coding. You can indeed avail a plethora of online resources furnished by Fixoncloud, which is an exquisite platform to acquire a firm understanding about programming.

Following are the features that epitomizes the core focus of Fixoncloud:
1. Learn a new programming language
2. Compile your code Online using Online Compiler
3. Get connected with programming experts
4. Post a question/project
5. Take up the Quiz and improve your skills
6. Master your Coding skills by interacting with experts online

One remarkable hallmark of this online platform is its phenomenal attempt to connect the programming experts and amateurs for mutual benefit. This would enable the programming newbies to learn from experts or get their projects done at rocket-bottom price. While adept programmers will experience monetary gain by solving problems/projects for laymen.

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